Not Detecting Lookup tables

Hello there, I am using Rasa 3.0 and I have a problem with the lookup table since the bot isn’t detecting samples from the lookup table for example I defined in my nlu.yml file lookup table shoes

- lookup: shoes
  examples: |
    - Adidas
    - Puma
    - Nike

and the intent

- intent: inform_item
  examples: |
    - I have a [Puma](shoes) sneakers
    - I like [Adidas](shoes)

The problem is that the bot is detecting Puma and Adidas but when I provide the Nike example which is defined only in the lookup table it is not being able to detect it!! Also, I have in my pipeline RegexFeaturizer and RegexEntityExtractor.

Hi @ayadi can you share your config.yml file? Specifically how you have the RegexEntityExtractor configured.

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Hello @m.vielkind, actually, I don’t think the issue is with the config file because when I used rasa shell nlu I see that the entity (shoes) is extracted properly but the intent (inform_item) is not recognized