Lookup Table dosent work for me

Hello , i’m a student and i’m working on a chatbot for my last year project but i have now 1 week searching for a solution but i couldn’t find it i hope i get some help and thanks.

So my chatbot is a restaurant and food chatbot my probleme is That my chatbot dpsent extract all entities and lookup table dosent work (PS: i’m using Rasa nlu only ) here is my training data i’ts just a test example :

-Training Data : testData.json (8.2 KB)

probleme 1 : in my training data i have this sentence


i tried to send the same exact sentence but rasa dosent detect (tunisien) as an entity this is what rasa give me (rasa detect " a tunis " entity and dosent detect " tunisien" )


probleme 2 : and my lookup table dosent work

any helpfull idea’s ?