Not compatible model in Rasa X

using conda list, I know that I am using

  • rasa 1.10.0
  • rasa-sdk 1.10.1
  • rasa x 0.28.2 (I am using rasa x locally) when I run rasa x I got this message: Version of model 20200531-001735.tar.gz version is not compatible. The model was trained with Rasa version 1.8.2 but the current Rasa requires a minimum version of 1.10.0. Please retrain your model with a more recent Rasa version. and in Rasa X the state of this model is not compatible
    So, how the model was trained on a version different from my installed version?! it causes a problem and I can’t run rasa x with my final model
    how can I solve this issue, please?

Hello @nadamakram,

Just retrain using the new version to generate a new tar.gz.