Not able to install Rasa

I have tried and tested everything could anyone tell me a solution to the tensflow error i have tried with python 2 and 3 windows 8. Could anyone post step by step procedure starting from downloading to where to type the commands as many of us don’t know. Thank You.

hey @boluVishal you can watch this video,it will help you to setup rasa on windows machine :

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make sure you are using python 3.6,because if you have python 3.7 you will face issue to install tensorflow

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use this line comand after installing python 3.6.0

pip install rasa-nlu==0.12.0

for core use this comand line

pip install rasa-core==0.12.0

!! When installing python, check add to path variable, and ensure that you have pip installed with python

thnak you ,I am able to install rasa but where should i type make train-nlu commands as when i type in cmd it shows me invalid syntax could you help me out.

check out this video on demo chat bot :

could you help me install rasa in anaconda.

this demo is good but it doesnt work for me

Video unavailable !!!

@drindrin check this link:

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