Not able to get chat console after using credentials.yml

Problem description:-

Running below command to start the chatbot but when i am using --credentials option , i am not getting the prompt to chat with bot and neither i am able to talk over UI with backend but when i dont use --credential option i am able to get the prompt to chat successfully. as i understood(i might be wrong) that credentails file is used when we want to use a specific channel utterences

python3 -m --enable_api -d models/dialogue --credentials credentials.yml -u models/nlu/current --debug -o out.log --endpoints endpoints.yml

this is the trail output i am getting, but not getting the prompt to chat ,only server started i am getting.What i am doing wrong?

output:- :-

2019-06-27 18:32:26 DEBUG rasa_core.utils - Available web server routes: hello HEAD, OPTIONS, GET / list_trackers HEAD, OPTIONS, GET /conversations execute_action OPTIONS, POST /conversations/[sender_id]/execute log_message OPTIONS, POST /conversations/[sender_id]/messages predict OPTIONS, POST /conversations/[sender_id]/predict respond HEAD, OPTIONS, GET, POST /conversations/[sender_id]/respond retrieve_story HEAD, OPTIONS, GET /conversations/[sender_id]/story retrieve_tracker HEAD, OPTIONS, GET /conversations/[sender_id]/tracker replace_events PUT, OPTIONS /conversations/[sender_id]/tracker/events get_domain HEAD, OPTIONS, GET /domain evaluate_stories OPTIONS, POST /evaluate continue_training OPTIONS, POST /finetune load_model OPTIONS, POST /model parse OPTIONS, POST /parse tracker_predict OPTIONS, POST /predict static HEAD, OPTIONS, GET /static/[filename] status HEAD, OPTIONS, GET /status version HEAD, OPTIONS, GET /version HEAD, OPTIONS, GET /webhooks/slack/ slack_webhook.webhook HEAD, OPTIONS, GET, POST /webhooks/slack/webhook HEAD, OPTIONS, GET /webhooks/socketio/ 2019-06-27 18:32:26 INFO root - Rasa Core server is up and running on http://localhost:5005

credentials.yml (Here I am using socketio only) Question:- can someone please tell me the exact use of credentials.yml file?

slack: slack_token: “xoxb-1584494866935-58805795986731-PMT3W1wxEcAZPvCObbt5susIPAW”

socketio: user_message_evt: user_uttered bot_message_evt: bot_uttered session_persistence: true

This is the content for templates in domain file i am using for socketio channel My purpose is to get these buttons automatically come when someone click on chatbot to start a chat. Question:- is it the correct way to solve my purpose?


  • text: “Share the mobile number which you want to get the information?” channel: “socketio” custom:
    • payload for Slack dropdown menu to choose a mnp module

  • text: “Which mnp module would you like to info?” buttons:
    • title: “UPC Status” payload: ‘/mnp{“mnp module”: “UPC Status”}’
    • title: “MNP Port” payload: ‘/inform{“mnp module”: “MNP Port”}’
    • title: “Regulatory” payload: ‘/inform{“mnp module”: “Regulatory”}’

Please help me out as i am unable to move ahead.

Please someone help on this.