Connecting the assistant to the outside world


I attended Justina’s talk at this year’s AICONF in New York and I used the rasa_workshop_exercise notebook to successfully create the chatbot. I am now trying to connect to the outside world via my website and I am stuck.

When I open a new terminal and type:

python -m -d models/dialogue -u models/current/default/nlu --port 5005 --endpoints endpoints.yml --credentials credentials.yml

I get an error that says no module named rasa_core .

Happy to share my notebook if that will help. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Hey can you try with (add ‘‘3’’ after python):

python3 -m -d models/dialogue -u models/current/default/nlu --port 5005 --endpoints endpoints.yml --credentials credentials.yml

That definitely helped!!

I was able to open a new terminal and run that code. I did get a new error that makes me think I do not have the correct version. I’m wondering a couple of things:

  1. Do I need a different version of Python?
  2. Is there something I need to do to engage my website UI within the actual command?
  3. Does it matter that I’m not set up to do interactive learning or conversation storage (Mongo tracker store)?

Thanks so much for helping me take that next step. If anything in the picture I’m including stands out, please let me know and I’ll continue to make changes so I can successfully publish this assistant online.

Nice :wink:

@ccustis , can you show me more with your error (can’t see the end of your error on your picture)

Your python version is Ok (3.6).

If you want an exemple for online training, follow this on step 2 and step 3 : How to input free text with custom actions & slots

Sure, the final couple of lines of the error are here: rasa%20error%202

My website is a very simple one ( and I want to publish the chatbot to that site. By the way, the steps you shared to help with online training are very clear.

Let me know what you think of that last few lines of the error code.

Thanks so much.

re @ccustis, To be honest i don’t know your error, but you can read that :

Super helpful !!
I think I have narrowed it down. Now I need to determine my action.

Here is the command I am using:

> python3 -m -d models/dialogue -u models/current/default/nlu --port 5005 --endpoints endpoints.yml --credentials credentials.yml

I believe my problem is with my endpoints file because I am not using MongoDB and just want to port the bot to sdk so it can be used on my website:


The question I need to answer now is “How do I simplify this endpoints file to omit any reference to MongoDB and simply port this bot to my website without the need for conversation storage/tracking”.

Sincerely appreciate your continued support … Here’s a virtual coffee for your time :coffee:

re, @ccustis

does it works if you only put that in your endpoints file :

  url: "http://localhost:5055/webhook/"

Yes!!! The code runs successfully. Now, how do I make the bot appear on my homepage? Do I change the url in the endpoints file to my own url?


re @ccustis , now you will have to follow this :

for the moment i can’t help you more on this, but i will come back soon if you’re stuck :slight_smile:

@juste_petr Did I miss a step? @isgaal has been super helpful and I think I’m almost there :slight_smile:

I use the Scalable Minds chatroom

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Thanks so much! I’ll give it a try.

Hello beautiful RASA people!!!

I am so close to solving this problem but still need help. I am on the final step in which I get this code to work correctly:

python3 -m -d models/dialogue -u models/current/default/nlu --port 5005 --endpoints endpoints.yml --credentials credentials.yml

I was able to get the code to run but was unsure what the next step would be (how to publish to my website). rasa%20error%204

Now, I’ve been wrestling with it for so long, I took a step back and am getting an error related to my credentials.yml file :frowning:

Can anyone help? Maybe even a super quick Skype or Zoom call?

Thanks in advance.

UPDATE: I was able to install the chatroom applet on my website using the following code:

  <link rel="stylesheet" href="" />
  <div class="chat-container"></div>

  <script src=""/></script>
  <script type="text/javascript">
    var chatroom = window.Chatroom({
      host: "http://localhost:5055",
      title: "Chat with Pearlo",
      container: document.querySelector(".chat-container"),
      welcomeMessage: "Thanks for stopping by. How may I help you?",
      speechRecognition: "en-US"

Now, I am working to connect this webchat interface with the actual rasa core project I developed. The bot runs perfectly in the terminal. I am just not sure how to connect the terminal activity to the now published webchat functionality on my site.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @lauraperge, I saw the detailed answer you left about a chatbot UI question and I’m thinking I need to use the code you mentioned there instead of the scalable minds code I used above. Am I interpreting that correctly?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Is there another channel I should be placing my questions?

@ccustis where are you running the function? On your local machine or on a server?

Thanks for your note. I am running it on my local machine.

And are you also running a local instance of the website or is this on your deployed one?