No Module Named RasaX

Hi guys. I recently ran into a problem when I run Rasa X.

Rasa shell is working perfectly fine. I tried reinstalling rasa from scratch as well but that did help. Any ideas?

Python version 3.6.9 Pip 20 (after updating using the rasa installation tutorial)

Did you install rasa x?

@Gehova Thank you for your response. When I try to use the local installation method this what I get.

A problem with wheel. Try uodating it, pip and setuptools:

pip install -U pip setuptools wheel

Still the same error

There seems to be a bug using virtualenv, I tried it and got the same error. I tried with anaconda and it worked. I got a few dependencies incompatibilities, cause python, but those are solved with try and error of different versions.

Thank you for all your help this worked out just fine for me.