No module name rasa_nlu

Hello Rasa,

i. I installed rasa in Virtual Environment through Administor command prompt

(env3) C:\Users\Chandrakanth.Bachu\pythonVirt\env3>pip install rasa ii. Now deactivate the Virtual environment ‘env3’ and opened in Visual studio code This is how cmd terminal is looking VS code (env3) C:\Users\Chandrakanth.Bachu\pythonVirt\env3>

now if give cmd : pip list below three packages are listed along with other packages

a. rasa 1.5.1 b. rasa-nlu 0.15.1 c. rasa-sdk 1.5.1

iii. now in the sam folder (env3) C:\Users\Chandrakanth.Bachu\pythonVirt\env3> created a python file and written code as

from rasa_nlu.training_data import load_data

Now it is showing in VS code Problems sections

“Unable to import ‘rasa_nlu.training_data’”

Same issue is coming even i tried to installed in other Virtual environments also is also available under rasa_nlu folder in root directory please find attached document

please help me . Thanks in advance

Can some one reply to this query please i stopped here