No changes in domain,stories but Core model is retraining why?


As per the docs the RASA NLU and Core retrain only if there are changes in the respective files but when ever i retrain the model the rasa core keeps on retraining irrespective of no modification on the core part.

I checked the fingerprint.json for key changes and could find of the key of stories are changing every time i retrain but the i am using is still the same.

How to fix this ??

Hi there @Anand_Menon, we’re currently working on this – do your stories contain any OR statments or checkpoints?

hi @erohmensing,

Yes i had to rely on the OR statements in my story to handle FAQ and Context based (Form Action) questions together.

Hi @erohmensing , any updates on this ??

Hi there, unfortunately this issue is still open. You can track the progress of it here model is retrained everytime due to dynamic checkpoint names · Issue #4612 · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub