RASA2.2 Core Model predictions incorrect


I have migrated from RASA 1.10 to RASA 2.2 and my stories don’t seem to be working fine anymore. The stories worked fine before with the same configurations. I just replaced the depreciated policies and made sure to keep the same parameters.

Is there some change in the core components that I am not aware of? Something is throwing off the prediction and I can’t really put a finger on it. My tracker state seems to match my stories just fine.

Also, why is my nlu component being processed when core evaluates its components for a single user message? I printed a mock statement in one of my custom nlu components for testing purposes and I can see it being printed multiple times as core tries to predict next actions while evaluating the same story.

I can share more details like logs and config (filtered because of confidentiality reasons), if need be.