NLU Inbox broken

The NLU Inbox seems to suffer multiple bugs.

Scrolling : After deleting / processing some entries empty lines pop up, which may sometimes be scrolled over, sometimes not and logging out, cleaning browser cache may help, sometimes not

Assigning Inbox entries and saving to git seems to be flawed, already processed inbox samples may pop up later even after training again, even though they were in NLU samples this time already.

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Hi @zipi. What version of Rasa X are you using?

Hi @tyd,

the version used is 0.32.1.

Also i tried again and noticed, that a processed NLU Inbox sample, which gets saved, is stored in the file, but after docker-compose down && docker-compose up -d it’s back again in the inbox, even though it was assigned to an intent - it still is assigned according to the file.

I am facing a similar situation, Like people are talking to the bot, but when I go to the inbox, I dont seem to be able to see the messages, it shows up eventually, just not right away :sweat_smile: