New Rasa X Video Tutorials for Beginners

I created a series of 3 video tutorials for people new to Rasa X:

These were done using the latest version, Rasa X 0.21.0. I hope they’re useful to the community.


Thank you!

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Hi @intranetchris

Not one, but three tutorials?! How lucky are we! :heart_eyes: That was a very fast turnaround Chris, safe to say you have experience with making videos and enjoy it?

I watched all of them, very easy to get follow and a great pace. I certainly feel like they are super valuable, especially for anyone wanting to get started with Rasa X and using the latest 0.21.0 features.

We really appreciate your work here and just had to put you on our Rasa Contributor Spotlight. :slight_smile:


Hi Chris - can you also cover how to connect Rasa X with github repo?