Need to store custom UI Converstions in to DB

i am using rasa 1.2.3,

i had created a custom user interface using nodejs and calling the webhook api for communicating with rasa, is this a right way to integrating the custom user interface with rasa.

how can i store the conversations done by the users using custom user interface in database or any other because I need to train the model every time a user interacts with the bot.

No one is responding guys, please help me with the above query

is this a duplicate of About conversations ?

haha yes. we both are working on a college project. we are not actually getting solution to store the conversations done in custom UI in database. Also can you help me how to handle out of scope questions

@mohankumar You can create an intent called out_of_scope and add all out_of_scope messages in there.

Thanks for the reply,

we had created intent same as the above but i don’t know what kind of questions that user asks.

he may ask any kind of question, but bot was not identifying the intent “out_of_scope”, i don’t know how to handle it could you please help me out

Hi, we have developed an open source tool (GUI) for training RASA bots. You can refer the code at github to check how we did it. :slightly_smiling_face: