About conversations

i am using rasa 1.2.3,

i had created a custom user interface using nodejs and calling the webhook api for communicating with rasa, is this a right way to integrating the custom user interface with rasa and how can i store the conversations done by the users using custom user interface in database or any other because I need to train the model every time a user interacts with the bot.

Hi @abhishek2 - yes the webhook api is the way to integrate messaging into your bot. If you run Rasa X alongside Rasa you will automatically have all conversations persisted in a database as welel

thanks for the reply,

can I use the same process in the production environment.(integrating with rasa webhook api)

I did not understand you completely , can you tell it in detail, how to store the conversations done in the custom user interface.

yes, you can use the exact same process.

deploy Rasa X to a server Deploy to a Server

make sure your credentials.yml contains the rest channel, see Your Own Website

All conversations that go via the webhook will get persisted in the DB on your server. By default this will be a postgres DB

we are actually not using rasa UI we are using our own custom UI so, Is there any other way to store the conversation in the database.

you can use both! it’s not a question of either or. You can run Rasa X and still connect your custom UI for hosting the bot on your website, for example. Does that make sense?