Need help with setting default value as today's date in date entity

Hello Folks.

My bot is expected to search and return the link to a file from multiple sources(drives, sharepoint etc). I have my custom action logic developed and working fine.

For a new requirement, I would like to set a default value to my date entity such that, the default value is today’s date. The idea is, if the duckling extractor does not understand or returns null or returns not acceptable date values, I will use the default value i.e current date in my custom action.

I searched through the forum, but could not find any leads. Appreciate all your inputs.

Thanks, Vijay

hi @vijayakumar-govindarajulu ! you can define an initial value for the date slot like this Slots

so you could set it to a value like “today” and check for that in your custom action code.

I was thinking of something like this. Thanks mate for your response.

Not sure I could follow you. I know how to get current date time, but need to help set the default value as today in my bot’s slot memory, even before it starts executing my custom action code.

Can you please help me out to take current datae and time @vijayakumar-govindarajulu