How do i pick specific date as slot

is there any way i can pick specific date like 12-03-2019 as date slot?. i am using duckling to extract date @GauravRoy48


  • date

slot: date: type: text

You can try and make use of the regex support to detect date formats and add that to your entity.

Here is a great tool to test out whether your regex works.

Thanks for the reply, i will try this

Dont understand the problem? If that is a valid date format for you locale, then Duckling extract this and puts it in an entity ‘time’.

To put this into a date-slot add {‘date’: [self.from_entity(entity=‘time’)]} to your slot mappings

Yeah, i tried this and it worked but i am facing another issue now. Date extracted by duckling is correct when i run it locally but it’s one day behind when i ran it on dev server

Strange, maybe your server’s time is just not right?