Need deployment help!

Hi Rasa Brains!.. Can you please help me in deployment process of Rasa chatbot


  • I have created a bot using Rasa NLU and Rasa Core
  • I have used custom actions in file named
  • Using Socket Io i have connected to React Rasa Webchat

It is working in Localhost just fine…but i need to make this bot available to others users via an URL

I would like to integrate the bot with Microsoft botframe work and then deploy it in Azure.

How can i do that? Detailed explanation with steps would be much appreciated… Attaching my Screencasts below… Screencast 1: I have used Rasa Webchat socket IO connections, Currently I am able to run it only on Localhost.

Screencast 2:My rasa socket server

Screencast3: My custom action server

I also have mongo DB server running , how to deploy all these in cloud and make accessible for Public use

Looking forward for the help!

I am able to access Rasa chatbot using Ngrok link successfully!!

hi @Vetri can you please explain more the steps

which port you are exposing through ngrok i.e.the port on which rasa server is running or another one.

Hi @Vetri I am trying to develop a similar bot but I have difficulties connecting to React Rasa Webchat, can you tell me the steps or share the source code? Thanks a lot!

Hi Ravi,

I have exposed 3 ngrok ports, 1st- Rasa server - generally 5005, 2nd - Rasa actions server (for Custom actions) - 5055 3rd - Website host - 5000

Run the ngrok url - the one exposed with 5000 to access website from anywhere/any device


To connect your bot to Rasa Webchat successfully, below steps are essential Step 1 - Create credentials.yml and paste the below

socketio: user_message_evt: user_uttered bot_message_evt: bot_uttered session_persistence: true

Step 2: Copy and paste the html from the below link to your website file

Inside the script provide the port of Rasa server you use (generally 5005 or 5500) socketUrl: “http://localhost:5005/”, socketPath: “/”,

Also if you want to see the Ui widget without connected to server, Inside the script tag set hide as false… hideWhenNotConnected: false,

Hii , On which part do you need explanation?

Thanks, I will go and try later.


Hii, For free users, ngrok allows to expose upto 4 tunnels at the same time. You need to update the ports in the configuration file and run ‘ngrok start --all’ in your terminal. You can find the process in the below link!

Docs for your reference


it is fine on localhost but now i want to deploy on cloud like AWS…How to proceed?

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Hi can you please put up the steps on how to make it publicly available!!

Hi @ravikrcs,

I’d suggest to use a dockerised deployment then. After a quick googling, I found this tutorial which seems to be pretty up to date. I guess if you decide to use AWS, scalability is of use and if you are using Rasa X alongside your assistant, then I’d even recommend this documentation about the Kubernetes Deployment.

Kind regards

Thanks :blush: @JulianGerhard

@Vetri Hello there brother I just went through your post right now and I think you can help me with this ngrok deployment issues that I am facing with my rasa chatbot. I have UI widget from
botfront/rasa-webchat: A feature-rich chat widget for Rasa and Botfront (
I have used the “<script/.>” tag procedure mentioned on Widget github.
Now I want to do is that I want other people around the globe to access my chatbot and I heared it is possible with ngrok, but I dont know how can I do it… can you help me?
I know how to make 3 ports available at the same time on ngrok using the ngrok.yml file setting and doing ngrok start --all , I have used
1st port for rasa run → ngrok http 5005
2nd port for rasa run actions → ngrok http 5055
3rd port for my .html runnig on → ngrok http 5500

But now the issue is that I cannot make them work togeather and I cannot see my widget on ngrok link of port 5500 , can you help me please ??