Multiple Event Brokers

Hi Everybody, Im running RASA X and Kibana, they are both on the same machine and this is my currently event_broker configuration:

  type: "pika"
  username: ${RABBITMQ_USERNAME}
  password: ${RABBITMQ_PASSWORD}
    - elk_log 

It works just fine, but we now plan on using a dedicate machine for Kibana only. Does anyone know how I can stream it to a different server ?

TIA Eden

Hey @stephens

Sorry for dragging you here, I just found your article on how to Create a Kibana Dashboard for Rasa, your step by step guide also assumes that both Rasa & ELK are on the same system, however I am trying to get them running on different machines. Do you happen to have any tips on it ?

TIA, Eden

You would typically install Logstash on the system where you have RabbitMQ running. Under the Setup Logstash RabbitMQ Reader section of the post, you’ll see the configuration for the rabbit host and elastic host.

Thanks @stephens, it worked just fine