Log Conversations - 2nd Event Broker

I’d like to log all conversations to my own logfile that would be consumed by filebeat and forwarded to Kibana.

A custom event broker seems like a good way to go but Rasa X already runs a RabbitMQ broker for its purposes and it doesn’t look like I can have a 2nd event broker. When I add a second event_broker: section to the endpoints.yml I get an error.

Other options would be to:

  • Create a custom tracker store that writes a copy of the tracker information to a logfile.
  • Get the events from RabbitMQ but I don’t see a straight forward way to tap into the RabbitMQ messages. The RabbitMQ logfiles don’t include the messages that were sent.
  • Periodically poll the Rasa HTTP getTrackerConvesation endpoint to collect conversations.
  • Poll with the Rasa X HTTP getConversations endpoint

Hi @stephens, you’re right in that multiple event brokers aren’t currently supported, although I don’t see a reason why we shouldn’t do this in principle. Is this something you’d be interested in contributing? For your case, we’d need something like a FileEventProducer, which can then be invoked in addition to the Pika one.

In the short term, I think your custom tracker store solution sounds good. The easiest way of doing this would probably be to write/append to a file in the tracker_store's save() method, exactly where the event publishing happens with stream_events().

I hope that helps!

@ricwo Thanks for confirming this. I’ll take a look at the FileEventProducer enhancement.

@stephens Any update on how we can use multiple brokers?

No. For my purposes, creating a second queue solved the original issue.

@stephens Thank you for responding. :slightly_smiling_face: kindly elaborate on your solution.

There’s a more detail description in this blog post.

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Hello any solution for second event broker by endpoints.yml? In my case, I need use rabbitMQ and kafka… :frowning:

No. This doesn’t come up very often. Have you looked at the code to add support for a new endpoint?

Hello @stephens yes i looked! thanks… So…my solution was use the endpoints.yml to create some queues rabbitMQ (pika)… and after i created a consumer to get events in a queue and finnaly send to my another aplication… in my case i sent my events to dashbot.io and sent to kafka by another queue too

I suggest that endpoints.yaml accepts more than one broker…That way we can easily connect to other integrations already created via broker.