Kafka instead of Rabbit MQ

Can Kafka be used instead of Rabibt MQ in Rasa X?

Yes, Kafka can be used as the event broker that sends the tracker events from Rasa OSS to Rasa X.

Do you know how we would achieve that in the Rasa X configuration? Are there environment variables we need to set?

Both the rasa-x and rasa-production systems would have the same endpoints.yml settings along with associated environment variables that support the settings.

Ok thanks, also we need to use SASL/SSL protocol with kafka and it looks like Rasa X doesnt support that out of the box. Can we use the endpoints.yml in rasa x to point to a custom class we made that uses the security protocol for Kafka that we need?

Rasa X supports the Kafka SASL/SSL options.

Out of the box Rasa supports the SASL_PLAINTEXT and SSL but we need SASL_SSL protocol

I have not used that option but it looks to me like the event_broker.security_protocol option allows you to pass any string to both Rasa & Rasa X the the kafka-python package supports SASL_SSL as an option.

Have you tried this configuration and found that it doesn’t work?