Multiple bots

Hello everyone, I am trying to make my bot work for multiple procedures. When the bot starts, I assign the name of the procedure to a slot and an entity with the purpose of helping me to predict the intention of the correct procedure. Ask how to do it in the following post and I had no answer so I assume that it can not.

The only thing that occurs to me not to endorse the project with the rasa platform is to have multiple bots, is this possible? What would be the best way to do it so that its maintenance is not complicated?

And how could I direct which bot to use according to the procedure?

Thank you

Hi @fmelossi!

Could you please explain what exactly do you mean by “procedures”?

Also, I tried skimming through the posts that you have linked. What I understand from it is that, you want to concatenate a string with the incoming text messages before sending it to rasa for processing. Is this understanding correct?

Hello @saurabh-m523, thanks for answering

sorry for the wrong translation, I mean formalities

Your interpretation is correct of what I want to do. It is what occurs to me since different formalities have the same or similar intentions, this makes the prediction incorrect.

greetings and thanks

If you know the ‘what’ and ‘when’ to concatenate beforehand, then you can easily do that at the connector before sending it to rasa for processing. What channel are you using?

Hi, The channel that I am using is webchat, I know what I send because I complete a slot when I start the chat, when the user writes his question in some way he should concatenate that text so that the prediction works well

Hi @fmelossi!

Webchat uses socketio channel. This is the code of the connector. You can modify this line (data["message"]) to concatenate whatever you want before sending it to rasa (await on_new_message(message)) in a custom connector.

You can customize a channel like this

Hope that helps.

Thanks for answering @saurabh-m523

I will try to do what you suggest, I am not very expert yet.

I know that this solution is not very elegant because for each user message the name of the procedure will be concatenated.

I would have liked that the prediction of the intention had taken into account the value of the slot and / or the entity, but unfortunately it does not and I had to find this solution that is not elegant


Hi @fmelossi!

You mean like not visible to the sender? If you concatenate the user message at the connector, it’ll not be visible to the sender.

The intent is predicted based on the trained model and the model is trained based on the NLU data. So if your data has those strings that you want to concatenate, then it’ll certainly help during prediction.