How to pass extra parameters in in handle_text in rasa?

you could create a boolean slot for customer and predict different utter template

But how can I pass that slot in agent.handle_text(msg, sender_id=data["user_id"]) to be used in action_class ?

If I’m not wrong I need to set it somewhere as I am not setting it in ActionClass. I am recieving it through request made on Flask web service.

you don’t need to pass to handle_text method if you use slots functionality of rasa: Slots

Sorry but I am not still clear with this because I am not recieving customer value in data['message']. I am receiving it in data['customer']. In this case how can I set slot? One thing I am sure I can’t set it in stories. So I am looking for if I can access this in ActionClass

please take a look at the docs: Actions, you can set a slot in custom action by returning appropriate event

I don’t want to set inside the ActionClass. I already know if customer value is 0 or 1 from the request that I recieved. I just want to access it inside the Action Class

there is an example how to get value of slot cuisine in the code snippet in the docs. And there is a description on how to use parameters: Actions

I checked that example but the cuisine slot was set using entity which is acquired from text itself. eg. show me a Mexican restaurant

In this value of cuisine is set to Mexican. I think this is not what I need as I recieved value of customer in different key not from text.

regardless how you set it, if the information is stored as a slot in the tracker, you can get it from the tracker using tracker.get_skot(...) method

I believe what Akshay is asking for is

  "message": "what is refund policy"
  "customer": 1

How can we make RASA to accept an additional input parameter ‘customer’? I also need the same functionality.

My functionality is to know whether the customer is a admin or employee.

So, I need my bot to accept the parameters:

      "message": "what is refund policy"
      "customer": "admin" || "employee" 

Should we be editing the input channel ? Also Please help me out with this post:

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my suggestion is to add one more event to set a corresponding slot in rasa

we’re answering all forum posts as fast as we can, please wait for the answer for your other post

yes @suryavamsi62 This is exactly what I am trying to implement.

Hi @sociopath00, @suryavamsi62, please have a look at the docs on adding metadata information to user messages: Custom Connectors. I hope that helps!

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Thanks ricwo. Got the idea and implemented the meta data in custom input channel.

Okay. Just out of curiosity asked about the other post.

Can you help me out here? I am struggling to implement custom connector

@sociopath00, please also check out the related topic Link up Custom input Channel with a custom Output Channel, where we go into some details of the implementation. I hope that helps!

Hi @Ghostvv, i want to send extra values to rasa using webhooks from web page, using ajax. how can I achieve this. i added another key values but not working.

for example JSON.stringify({ message: message, sender: user_id })

JSON.stringify({ message: message, sender: user_id, project_id: 23 })

Hello how are you, I think we want to do similar things, I share some threads where I was asking