Multiple Agents with a common NLU model


I am building a conversational bot that can automate Gsuite related tasks such as creating email ids, mailing groups, adding folks to DL etc.

f I want to have 1 NLU model and multiple dialog models working together, how do I go about it? Let me explain the business use case: The slot requirement is different for different intents. Hence, the need for separate core models. An example of this is as follows: Add_to_mailing_list intent has the slots as from_email (email ids of people to be added) and dl_email (email ids of mailing list). In contrast, Create_email_id intent has different slots viz. from_email.

So, in this case, I guess I need multiple dialog models and 1 NLU model working together. And, I want to be able to get predicted actions from the dialog model that’s appropriate for the intent. Can you please share your thoughts on how I can achieve this?

Hi @varun-nathan, You don’t need multiple dialog models just because you need to set different slots for different intents.

Your use case is a good candidate for using forms.

Each intent can trigger a different form, and in the form action code you can use those entities that were already extracted, or, if they were not, the form will ask the user.