How to use multiple models and file nlu in Rasa?

I am building a chatbot using for some restaurants and which restaurant has a different script. But, I only want to use 1 project Rasa chatbot to operate all of restaurants. So, how can I use multiple models and nlu.yml at once? Thanks a lot.

Call the script in your file and fetch the necessary data you need.

If each restaurant has a different conversation flow, then it means you should have a different project for each.

You can have multiple chatbots with same NLU but different stories, rules, domain, and actions.

I want to create more than one nlu.yml in Rasa. So, do you have any ideals else?

I mean, I want to combine all the small projects of different restaurants into a big Rasa project. Can Rasa support it?

Look at this.

To create multiple NLU files, well… just create multiple NLU files. :slight_smile:

But what’s the reason for that if the projects are independent? Why merge them if they’re not the same?

If you mean you want to use the same Rasa instance without using multiple virtual environments, you can still do that and switch from a folder to another in the terminal while staying in the same venv.

Or maybe you’re looking for the MultiProjectImporter?

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oh that’s great idea. Thank you very much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Happy to help! :slight_smile:

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Hi dear! Are you be success Řź I have the same problem. Please help me Tanks

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