Multiple Actions For Single Intent


I have two stories like these

Story 1

  • SoftwareInstall
    • action_which_software_install
    • slot{“software_selected”: null}


Story 2

  • SoftwareInstall
    • action_software_install
    • slot{“software_selected”: “skype”}

These two stories have two different functionalities i.e

Story 1 is for the case when user type “i want to install a software” and

Story 2 is when user type “i want to install skype”

I have both utterances in SoftwareInstall intent. In RASA-DEMO project i have seen single intent with different actions implemented using stories , i tried same but it is not working bot is only taking up action_software_install .I have trained the bot with at least 10-15 stories with both use cases

i know i can map these responses using slot value but i want my stories to handle this flow!


Both stories look the same for Rasa Core. I think what you want to do is have different stories in case the user message contains an entity, right?

In this case I would make my stories as follows:

## Story 1
* SoftwareInstall
  - action_which_software_install
  - utter_install_software

## Story 2
* SoftwareInstall{"software_selected": "skype"}
  - action_software_install
  - utter_install_skype

Remember to put the entity software_selected in your domain file.


Thank you for your reply

I do not understand in Story 2 why have you mentioned “- action_which_software_install” as user will be mentioning the required software name in this use case.

Sorry, that was a copy past error. Fixed my response :slight_smile: