Rasa Core - Stories - User Messages with multiple intents and slots

Look like Rasa NLU supports handling User Messages with multiple intents (How to handle multiple intents per input using Rasa NLU TensorFlow pipeline)

Does Rasa Core (Dialogue Management) support multiple intents and slots too?

For example, in the domain of booking a restaurant. A simple case like “what is the phone number and address of the restaurant?” can be converted to request_phone+request_adress

But in a complex situation like “I want to book a table at King restaurant at NewYork. Can you tell me their phone number ?”

How can I define it in RasaCore story format? Will it looks like this?

  • inform{“restaurant_name”: “King”, “location”: “NewYork”} AND request(“phone_number”)
    • action_1
    • action_2

Hi, Long, welcome to the forum.

The Generating the stories section of the blog has some example multi-intent stories. Yes, you have the story correct if you replace the AND with a +:

## inform_restaurant_request_phone
* inform{“restaurant_name”: “King”, “location”: “NewYork”}+request(“phone_number”)
  - action_1
  - action_2