Multiple Actions for Multiple Intents

Hello Guys:

I have 2 different intents that I want to different actions for:


  1. Find me weather in a location
  2. Find me recipes with specific filters (like vegan, vegetarian etc)

Based on which action was said by user, i want to call the respective api (weather for 1. and food for 2. )

How do I define a custom action for this? Do i call 2 action classes like class(getweather) and class(getrecipes) ?

I see that in Sara: The Rasa Demo Bot They have multiple action classes for various actions, and return various slotsets

I am going to do something similar to that

@kb213 did that work out for you? Yes, you can create as many action classes as you like for all your different actions. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: