Multi-Intent classification for Rasa 2


I’m trying to train my assistant to handle multi-intents and I read that we can do something like this in stories.yml

  • story: meet up with HR about leave balance steps:
    • intent: greet_HR
    • action: utter_HR_greeting
    • intent: ask_leavebalance+ask_mgr
    • action: utter_leavebalance
    • action: utter_about_mgr

However, I encountered this while trying to train my assistant:

/home/centos/env/lib/python3.8/site-packages/rasa/shared/utils/ UserWarning: Issue found in 'data/stories.yml': 
Found intent 'ask_leavebalance+ask_mgr' in stories which is not part of the domain.

I’ve checked my config.yml is set correctly, and also checked that I have the intents “ask_leavebalance” and “ask_mgr” setup already

Below is the section of my config.yml for tokenizer

  • name: SpacyTokenizer intent_tokenization_flag: True intent_split_symbol: “+”

Is this still supported in Rasa 2.x + or am I missing something there?

- intent: ask_leavebalance+ask_mgr

Hi William, could you share your domain.yml file?

Hello Felicia,

I made some changes to the current domain.yml as I’m trying to rush Rasa for a demo :slight_smile: As soon as I come to the point to add in the “parallel” intents as above, I will get back to you asap! Thanks.

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