Can't Detect multiple intent

Hi all, i’m new in rasa and i can’t detect multiple intent

My pipeline for [Tokenizers]

  • name: “WhitespaceTokenizer”

    case_sensitive: false

    intent_tokenization_flag: true

    intent_split_symbol: “+”

Exemple if user input is Hello how are u ? -> intent_1 = hello[greet] and intent_2 = how are u[askH]

any help ? and i want rasa return intent=greet+askH

I have read the doc and try it but nothing change :confused:

Hi @kchahid! Welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you add any example of the multi-intent in your NLU data?

You should at least have a few examples as:

## intent:greet+askH
- hey buddy how are you?
- hello what's up?

If I understood well how multi-intents work, the greet+askH detection will be helped by the examples you have for greet and askH separately.

Hope that helps! Nicolas

Ok got it thanks @nbeuchat