Mockup tool compatible with Rasa

Hello friends,

It is any tool similar to BotSociety for bot mockup that is able to export in Rasa format? I had been searching in the internet but no luck so far.

I would like to know about your experiences with different tools.


I think Botmock has a Rasa exporter, IIRC


thanks for the hint, I already tried Botmock, but it only export to PDF/CSV and in some beta options it exports to dialog flow using API. But not something like Botsociety, so far Botsociety offers the best interface for end users, in order to compose complex conversations, but is just that some time its interface is buggy. This is why we are checking if there are different options, if not we would have to stay with botsociety.

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Are you able to make complete bots using botsociety or after exporting also you need some work.

Hi @vishu1994

The post is a little bit old and I haven’t updated.

At the moment am working with Botfront + Rasa and it works fine and it gives better performance than Botsociety.

With Botfront you may find some limitations, regarding some Rasa options and how to configure it. But from my point of view is the best offer so far.

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Do you think platforms like botfront and botsoceity are good tools for non technical users.

botfront for sure. Is more complete, because it has a Rasa instance running inside, and you could use it to delivery new content/conversation quickly. On the side of Botsoceity is just for mockup, and it is ok, in the past we had a lot of pain with exports, assigning intents and so on, but I can not tell you how are they doing at the moment since I dont use it since few months

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@alebeta90 I am from Botmock and we do support export to Rasa (GitHub - Botmock/botmock-rasa-export: Build Rasa bots from Botmock projects). Happy to give you a walk through if that would help. :slight_smile: