Migrating to cloud development

I have a general question about best practices for developing a bot in a cloud environment, such as AWS. I’ve been using my local machine to develop a bot and it’s pretty slow (my computer processor is only so fast, and training each change can take awhile). It’s also slow to manage uploads to github.

Would it be better to migrate the entire development process to AWS or google cloud, and link this to a github repo?

I’ve seen some tutorials about migrating Rasa to AWS. My goal is to find a cloud environment to leverages some faster processes (which can more quickly train each change) and deal directly with Github, rather than going through my local machine and internet connection.

I think this can all be done on AWS, but before I spend time learning how to do this and migrating my development there, I’m curious to hear from long-time developers how they find a cloud environment for development.

Thanks for any advice and please let me know if I can make this question any more clear.