Bot cloud deployment

Please any one provide complete documentation of cloud deployment of Rasa chat bot

which service do you want to use for running the bot? AWS, Digital ocean etc?

Google cloud

there is many ways to do it… I successfully done it on google cloud, by setting a small VM machine , parametrizing the load balancer but i’m not still sure it’s the best way to do it. but basically for Dev environment… create an instance,use SSH to install all the dependencies ,parametre your loadblancer ,your firewall to allow the port , i generated a SSL certification and using a domaine name… to be able to use channels. like (telegram,facebook,… ). it’s quite stable till now…
but i’m still trying to deploy using app engine , and on a more cleaner way

Can we deploy with out docker

Yes ,you can use “compute engine” and use a virtual machine

can you explain the step by step process

How to write app.yml file while deploying