Migrating to 1.0

I’m finally getting around to migrating my first bot to 1.0. I run separate NLU and Core containers. The migration guide has a brief comment about the old rasa.core and rasa.nlu command not working and then points to the new CLI page which includes the run command.

I’m missing something when I look at the docker-compose.yml in the new rasa project. The compose runs the start command. Where is the start command documented?

Is there an example docker-compose.yml with separate nlu and core containers?

Is the migration guide I referenced above the only documentation on migrating to 1.0?

It looks to me like the separate NLU & Core config files need to be merged into a single config file. I noticed this in the rasa-demo while trying to figure out why I was getting an error for a missing policies section in my nlu config file.

The 0.11.x to 0.12.0 migration guide states that the configuration is split so I have separate NLU & Core config files.

Is there a reference page on the config.yml file specs? If you use the documentation search feature for config.yml, it only finds a page on OpenShift & K8S. It doesn’t find the Core Configuring Policies.

If you look at the NLU Choosing a Pipeline. It shows the pipeline syntax but I don’t see a reference for where this configuration is kept. I kept it in a separate nlu_config.yml since 0.12.0 said I should do this but I think it now goes in the same config file as the Core config. (BTW, try using the documentation search box on “pipeline” - The search function returns no pages for me).

My bot is now running under Rasa 1.0. I wrote a post on the changes I had to make to get it running.