Migrating dialogflow agent to Rasa

I have trained bot in dialogflow I want to migrate that bot to Rasa but I am not able to generate training data which will be understandable to Rasa… I have all .json files related to dialogflow agent how to convert that files to rasa understandable files

You can just pass those files as normal to rasa_nlu: https://rasa.com/docs/getting-started/dialogflow/

I found this tutorial very useful.

Thank you so much @srikar_1996 same document i was following. done with Rasa NLU part

but one thing, I have responses in dialogflow as below …then how to include this response in domain.yml file as templates.

{ “widgetType”: “imageCarousel”, “digital_service”: [ { “image”: “1.png” }, { “image”: “https:/2.png” }, { “image”: “https:3.png” }, { “image”: “5.png” } ] }

can you help me


Under the templates in your utter instance add it as an image file.



  • image: Pass the image url here

I want to pass object as custom payload in response can i pass like this utter_show_data:

  • data: {}

If you want to pass something specific you can use custom actions to do that. In that case, your template will not have the action. Every time that intent is triggered, the action_show_image will be triggered from your actions.py

  • image intent
    • action_show_image

As you said im following here you can see my actions.py file actions I want to get that custom message as object from the bot and i will show that custom message as form in UI

Stories are like this

searching about company

  • greetings
    • utter_greetings
    • action_get_formPayload
  • Services_we_Provide
    • utter_Our_services
    • action_Services_weProvide

when im running the rasa core im getting error like this

I understood this error is bcz its not connecting to server ‘https://localhost:5000/webhook’ but what is the need of endpoint and can u tell me where im doing wrong

Im migrating from dialogflow to rasa and im following this link https://medium.com/rasa-blog/how-to-migrate-your-existing-google-dialogflow-assistant-to-rasa-412cd07f424a when im running the rasa core using this command

python -m rasa_core.run -d models/current/dialogue --endpoints endpoints.yml facing bellow error

As im sending custom payload in dialogflow as object format , same way i want to get object from bot so i included custom payload in actions.py actions

help me in fixing this issue


Actually, if you just want to send some text, just use utter_message in your template file. I thought you wanted to send something else, that is why I suggested you to use custom actions.

Now, in the custom actions, there are




Your message will be in dispatcher.utter_message() as it is a simple text. Your message must only contain a strings, you can’t pass in objects as such like in DialogFlow.

As far as I know, RASA has a fixed payload format while sending messages back. You need to see how you’ll pass those parameters and use it for your UI.

Endpoints are used to connect to other services. In the new version of RASA, you need to keep the endpoints server running.

python -m rasa_core_sdk.endpoint --actions [Your actions file here]

Hi @srikar_1996 am facing the same issue as @savitha_1055 is facing when trying to trigger custom actions cant figure out where am going wrong could briefly say how we can trigger custom actions

i have used separate server always listening for any request to serve custom action am using python Flask

any help is appreciated thanks in advance


To enable custom actions: python -m rasa_core_sdk.endpoint --actions actions.py is the command to be used.

Before that, you need to mention it as an endpoint in the endpoints.yml file. Something like:

   url: http://localhost:5055/webhook

Hope this helps.

i have did the same but still i have problem in triggering custom actions

Have you tried directly with out @app.route() in flask? Do you still face the same issue?