How do i convert from dialogflow to nlu.yml

Downloaded a dialogflow agent to the “dialogflow” folder then tried to convert to rasa.

rasa data convert nlu --data dialogflow --format md converts from dialogflow to a markdown file

rasa data convert nlu --data dialogflow OR rasa data convert nlu --data dialogflow --format yaml just skips all the files

Do I have to convert first to markdown then to yaml?

@simonm3 Hi, I hope you already followed these steps:

  1. The DialogFlow assistant
  2. Step 1: Exporting the DialogFlow assistant
  3. Step 2: Training the Rasa NLU model using exported data
  4. Step 3: Migrating contexts and training Rasa Core model
  5. Step 4: Your DialogFlow assistant now runs on Rasa. What’s next?

As, now Rasa have .yml and I guess dialogueflow export in .md file (not sure) so yes you need to convert the data from .md to .yml.

Thanks. it does work but seems longwinded to have to convert through a deprecated format. Filed it as a bug. dialogflow format is json.

@simonm3 really? in JSON when you export the complete folder? (I not worked since ages on DF)

Hope this will help you.


really. no other option given.

Detailed example works but using markdown which is deprecated. the other example works directly on the json files without any conversion. However current docs, training and examples for version 2 use yaml so better to use that. And manually editing the json does not sound like much fun.

EDIT: not actually tested if it works on the json but the training finishes without error.

@simonm3 go ahead and try talk to your bot then? check its working or not.