Tutorial migrating dialogflow to RASA

I am trying to do the same as given in this tutorial.

I am facing issue while converting exported data of dialogflow to rasa using this command.

rasa data convert nlu --data data/place_finder --out data/nlu.md --format md

The error I get is,

All the other files(config.yml, domain.yml etc) are just default files created using rasa init. And I have placed the exported place_finder file containing Intents, Entities, agent.json and package.json in data folder.

Please help me with it.

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have you still got the soluntion? I am facing a problem with migration following the same blog . . . but the issue is with the format of json. ValueError: Unknown data format for file 'data/salesCrm-prod-agent\intents\agent.CRM.subCategory.103.json'.

I was migrating from Dialogflow to Rasa with the command. rasa data convert nlu --data data/salesCrm-prod-agent --out data/nlu.yml --format yml

Have you found out what the issue was? I still get the same error.

I would like to share the following Python script that facilitates the migration process from Dialogflow to Rasa Open Source.

Feel free to test it and share any comment/issue/improvement



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