Management of chatbot content lifecycle/status

Hello community

My team and I are looking for ways to improve the management of our chatbots content. We need an efficient (as automated a possible) and secure way to share information about what each of us did. For example : I integrate new content or changes to a chatbot model. After I trained my model, some of my colleagues need to know what changes have been made, whether it was the creation of a new intent/response, an update to an existing response, a deletion, an addition of training examples to an intent, etc… in order to adjust the test set that will be used to test the performance of our model in our deployment pipeline. So in general, for an efficient collaboration, we need a centralized way to share information about what changes have been done, the status of each intent (in prod, to copywrite, to integrate, to delete, etc), last modification and deployment date. We have a tool that we currently use for that but it is not ideal and requires a lot of manual intervention and discussions to ensure information is reliable.

I saw a post here about Jargon, but when I visit the page it seems that it doesn’t exist anymore.

Have you found a satisfying solution to manage that aspect ? Thanks in advance for sharing your experience !

Hey Joanna, we are thinking of this problem, if you’d like I can share more in a conversation (sent you a linkedin connect request).

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We’ve encountered a similar challenge - I’d love to hear more about the approaches you’ve tried!

Why aren’t you just using Git version control for that ? Everything in a chatbot needs to be versioned similar like source code. Therefore, you should use the same tools as well.