How do I create a proxy server in my rasa x deployment resource files

Hello community,

I recently deployed Rasa X using Kubernetes cluster. The server is accessible through http://myipaddress:8000 but I can’t point my domain to this IP address. How can I can access my server without specifying port 8000? Any guidance will really go along way.

You can specify a different port in the helm values.yml file at nginx.service.port.

You can see where this is set here

@stephens, thank you for your response. I manually generated the resource files for deployment. How do I update my deployment even after specifying port 80 in my ovveride file?

Kind regards.

Search the template files you generated from our helm chart and you’ll find the nginx service definition. In that, you will see a block like this and can change the port:

  - port: 8000
    targetPort: 8080
    protocol: "TCP"
    name: "http"

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