Looping a story

Hi, I’ve a newbie to Rasa and have created a few simple bots, but am struggling to see how I’d loop my stories. For example, if we take an example ‘weatherbot’, I can see how we get the following:

user says hi bot says tell me you location user enters location bot responds with the weather

…but, I’m wanting to say something like ‘shall we try another location’ and then start from the top again. I’ve seen some suggestion of checkpoints and some of using forms, but not sure how these imply ‘start back at the top of the loop’, or how to correctly add that to stories.md. Thanks

Hi David, welcome to the Rasa Forum. You could handle this by ending your story with a response that asks for another location. Something like this:

* request_weather{"location":"seattle"}
  - action_provide_weather
  - utter_ask_another_loc

Hi Greg, Thanks for that. I was thinking I’d have to define a ‘loop’ somewhere to show we’re starting over. Will try this.