Lookups are not working

Hi Team,

values defined in lookups but not added in intent examples are not picked up by the bot


  • my material is (solid) [state]


  • solid
  • liquid
  • gas

@Ghostvv , @Tobias_Wochinger

Please see the note in the docs for lookup tables: Training Data Format

i do not know what am i doing wrong as i do the same thing as provided in doc and it didn’t work @Ghostvv

did you read the note in the docs:

For lookup tables to be effective, there must be a few examples of matches in your training data. Otherwise the model will not learn to use the lookup table match features.

there are no examples with liquid and gas in your training data

do i have to provide all lookup data examples in nlu, because i have text file of equipments that have 10,000 of data and i provide 200 samples and it only works for 200 samples. it doesn’t work for rest…

Did you update to the new Rasa version 1.6.0? Because lookups in NLU were deprecated in the new verion. Source: Rasa OSS Change Log

i didn’t updated rasa version, current rasa version in project is 1.1.6 and lookups provided in text file and path for the file mentioned in nlu and it only work on examples that are provided in nlu and for the rest is not working…