How rasa perform training

Hi everyone,

I am using latest version of rasa in which I have given files in lookup_table it is not identifying any of the element values from lookup table.

here is the example of training file.


language : "language",

pipeline : {},

    data : {


           lookup_tables : [
                   {  "name" : "name", "element": "filepath.txt" },
                   {  "name" : "name1", "element": "filepath1.txt" }


Can anyone guide me?


Could you help me- please. A call from mantigames.

Hi @kavya Try adding some of the names from your table to your nlu data. Like if you have 10 names in your file. Add 2-3 from them into nlu file. check out this- How to provide the lookup entities in .txt format

I think this approach will affect performance.

How I can help you? Can you please be more specific.