Lookup table for Ethiopian name?

i wanted to do a lookup table for extracting a name entity …how can we do that…if we have a name of all possible names written in one file and want to lookup on that file so that when a user enters a name then rasa will take that slot as a person name

- lookup: location

files: |

- data/nlu/lookups/location.txt

- lookup: products

files: |

- data/nlu/lookups/products.txt

@faiza_conte try this

@prakashr what will that .txt file will look like,can i just write the names in a separate format or has its own format?






@prakashr no commas between them?,so do i have to write it in a list,separate list like u mentiond?

Untitled 1.txt (29 Bytes)

like this no commos needed @faiza_conte

Thank you @prakashr I will try like that…but did it worked for u?

yes… @faiza_conte