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Hey guys! I have a name.txt file in my data folder and i’m using it as a db for names. I was wondering is it possible I can also add respective user_id with these values? like see 1


Or maybe someone can suggest me some other way coz I need to add matching data. I don’t think this will work right! Can I add dictionaries or lists in lookup table? what else can I add? How can I add a tabular files?

UPDATE: i have created a dictionary of these values like this


so can I add this file in lookup table?

What do you want to achieve? Do you want to map user names to their ids? This should be done in custom actions.

Hey @Tobias_Wochinger I solved the id issue but my nlu is not recognizing the name from the input. It’s only taking those names which are there in my nlu_data and not in the lookup table. How to get bot use the lookup table? I have linked the lookup table in nlu data with the path and added some examples from lookup to nlu data but still not recognizing! Thanks for reply

Can you please share an example of your annotated NLU data?