Lookup doesn't work


First of all, sorry for my english ^^.

I triés to learn rasa so for this, I would like to a chatbot to know the type or pokemon (I’m already a child XD).

So, In my nlu.md I put :

# intent:search_type
- what is the type of [Pikachu](pokemon_name) ?
- what is the type of the pokemon [racaillou](pokemon_name)
- [bulbizarre] is type of [rock](type_name) non ?
- Witch type of attack can use [Salamèche](pokemon_name)

I create 2 other intent but I not use pokemon_name in there.

After I put (in the same file) :

## lookup:pokemon_name
- herbizarre
- florizarre

## lookup:additional_pokemon_name

Lookup.txt have 850 names of pokemons.

When I compile my model and try to use it, he succeed to find Pikachu(that I defined in my intent) but he doesn’t find herbizarre or Carapuce (defined in the lookup).

With the debug mode, I see the exactly same number of entity example with and without the lookup.

Have you got any solution about this problème ?

Hm it’s possible the docs are misleading here. Can you try replacing both of your lookups with

## lookup:pokemon_name

It could also be worth trying to add some more examples


For lookup tables to be effective, there must be a few examples of matches in your training data. Otherwise the model will not learn to use the lookup table match features.