Looking for a human hand off working example

Could somebody please help by providing a working example code for human hand off when bot can’t answer an question or when user look for human agent help. I know how to create stories for this and know how to use ConversationPaused and ConversationResumed, but still I dont know the complete picture of how the human agent and the end user will be connected.

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@akelad Can you please throw some light on this. I did it in stories and actions.py, but how to connect human agent with the end customer (webchat) through the rasa bot? this is very important for banking chatbot. Right now we are developing a POC for this.

@Seenivasan, did you manage to get any help on this? I am looking for a similar example.Will be great if you let me know.


Not yet. If you come to know, pls share with me.


I’m looking for working exemple. Did you find a way to do this ?


Could you please help by providing stories and actions.py file.

Hi @ravikrcs i am also looking for working example can you help me out with this .

thanks saptami

hey @JiteshGaikwad have you any idea about hand off to human on slack ?

@KhalidBentaleb No Idea :sweat_smile: haven’t done that yet, will try it out soon :slight_smile:

Thank you @JiteshGaikwad Tell me if you try it

@KhalidBentaleb Sure :slight_smile: will share it with the community.

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Hey there, anything new yet?

You can use Rocket. chat rasa app to transfer the current conversation from a bot to a live agent. Rocket.chat is an opensource tool, So you can deploy this solution on-premise.

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