Location of Rasa X core files

Hey so I’m running Rasa X on a server (Ubuntu 18.04) which is connected to a git repository and I am trying to integrate it into facebook messenger, but this requires me to add the token and secret into the credentials.yml file. The problem is that I cannot locate where the core files are held so that I can open the file to add those.

I saw a few topics saying $pip show rasa should tell you the core file locations but it didn’t work for me.

Hi @Alexmax900, how did you install Rasa X on your server?

yes, I installed rasa X onto the server using the docker compose quick install. I can access rasa x through the ip on the web browser and import/export the domain files and so on, but I find it really limiting when it comes to trying to edit other core files as well such as the credentials.yml and actions.yml.

I found out that the core files are inside a docker container and tried to get into it but even when I do I still do not see any files within each container.

You shouldn’t have to edit the files in the container. This can be done on your VM’s file system (in the /etc/rasa directory). You’ll have to run

sudo docker-compose down && sudo docker-compose up -d

for the changes to take effect in the containers

Hi, sorry for bothering you, but does somebody knows how to access the core files in Kubernetes? Thanks!