Rasa X - config.yml location

Hey, We installed rasa-x on docker by followed steps given at rasa website using install script-

Now i have been using rasa-x to add entities, intents, stories etc so far. Now i have to add custom components in config.yml But i could not locate config.yml in its folder. Please help. Thanks

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Hey couldn’t you edit the config from the Rasa X web UI?

Yes I can edit thru UI… but I have to do more than that.

  1. I am curious where these files are being updated when I edit thru UI
  2. I have to keep one py file at the same location.
  3. Import py file in config.yml as custom component
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@poojavi Hi, What I understand you are looking config.yml file in docker; for updating the code? Right

Yes @nik202

I am not connected to git for rasa model. Instead using base rasa model which was installed during rasa-x installation. Rasa x folder contains all other files like credentials, endpoints etc but not config.yml.

  1. where can i locate and edti it so that i can imort custom component?
  2. where to keep cusom component py file? is it at same location where credential.yml is located?


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@poojavi This Yes means.

@poojavi Are you sure at the time of creating the rasa project using rasa init you are unable to get the config.yml, if not create the new file by the name config.yml in the same project folder and train the model.

@poojavi What do you mean by custom component py file did you means action.py file? please explain.

  • Yes means i am trying to locate config.yml
  • while installing rasa-x at docker using script, u do not need to install rasa as a separate thing… so no rasa init. Its all using UI.
  • we can add py files as custom component as a part of pipeline … not actions.py.