Feature suggestion: Rasa X interactive learning between customer and human agent

As far as I now, up till now Rasa X doesn’t support interactive learning between two humans:

  • one having a messaging channel, seeing a ‘normal’ chat, just like a Rasa X test-user.
  • the other working interactively, just like the Rasa X interactive mode.

Seems to me, this would be a great feature. For we can have our usual chats between customer and human agent and get the lots of data from real conversations. Meanwhile and on the fly training our conversational agent!

Example scenario

  1. Customer talks on one channel, f.e. the Rasa X test-user channel, sending some text to Rasa X
  2. Rasa X interactive learning decides on the intent.
  3. Support employee (human agent) uses the Rasa X interactive learning channel, seeing the text just sent by the customer and the intent proposed by Rasa X.
  4. Support employee verifies intent proposed by Rasa x, correcting it if wrong.
  5. Rasa X decides on the action.
  6. Support employee verifies the action, correcting it if wrong.
  7. And so on.