Knowledge Base Actions, its future and the applications

Hello everyone, I have used Knowledge Base Actions in catering to simple queries like “What is the balance of my account?”. I understand it is an experimental feature. It is working really well.

I am trying to understand if we can cater to complex queries using Knowledge Base Actions which includes relationship between multiple entities and query accordingly without using an explicit Knowledge Graph like “which account has more balance among Account1 and Account2 from Bank X?”. If we were to use Knowledge Graph, so how do we leverage it with the Knowledge Base Actions?

Any help in that direction would be really helpful.

Hi @sri4214, thanks for your interest in Knowledge Base Actions. Glad you like the feature and that it is working for you. If you want to tackle more complex queries, I am afraid that you need to customize the current solution quite a bit. We don’t have an easy, general solution for that. We started looking into different ways to handle this, but we are still in the exploration phase and it will take some time until we have something that we can share with our users. If you want to customize the Knowledge Base Actions, please look up the section customization in our docs. Apart from that you can find a more complex examples in our repository GitHub - RasaHQ/tutorial-knowledge-base: Integrating Rasa with a knowledge base to encode domain knowledge and resolve entities, which is related to our blog post Integrating Rasa with Knowledge Bases. In that repository you can see that I used a lot of custom methods to construct queries that involved multiple entities. Hope it helps.