JWT Authentication with webchat UI for socketio channel

I am trying to implement JWT authentication for rasa-webchat UI on SocketIO Channel. In latest version of rasa 2.6 and 2.7 documentation they mentioned the commands to run and changes to make in Credentials.yml
screenshot1 documentation

screenshot2 doc
I am able to make the changes as mentioned, but not able to understand how to pass token from webchat UI and how to cross-check at rasa end.

A demo on how JWT Authentication can be implemented on webchat for socketio channel will be much helpful.

Just to clarify, when you refer to “webchat” are you referring to your own html widget? Could you also link to the portion of the documentation that you used for your screenshot?


One thing to point out first. The botfront project is not officially supported by Rasa and it’ll likely not get much support since the original creators of the tool have acquired. The readme of the project also suggest they only support version 2.3.x and 2.4.x of Rasa.

Reading the docs though, it’s suggest that you merely need to send the encoded jwt as part of whatever payload you send to the server. That doesn’t work?

  "token": "jwt_encoded_payload"

I’m just stuck on how to pass the payload from client to server either from botfront webchat UI or custom widget, very new to the rasa.

I’ve never worked with botfront before so I can’t help you on that either.

Just to check, are you building a demo? If so, Rasa X might be an easy fix for now to allow internal users communicate with your assistant.

I have used botfront UI for 2.5 version, but rasa started providing jwt for socketio from 2.6 as per docx, and looking for long term rather for time being to test with rasa x.